Arctic Monkeys Begin Work On New Album

With all the excitement that has been surrounding around The Last Shadow Puppets, we are happy to report that The Arctic Monkeys are still plugging away, and plan to hit the studio this month for album number three. The BBC spoke with guitarist Jamie Cook at Glastonbury over the weekend, and he shed some light on the new music.

Cook commented, "Well I think we are gonna get finger out next month (July)... next month has been said. We are gonna make a start... (we'll) get back in his (Alex Turner's) room in Sheffield and start writing some tunes." He went on to talk about how the record will sound saying, "I don't know yet, we could go any way. I'm excited yeah... End of last year when we had been touring for a long time, we just needed a bit of a rest. But I think as a band we are just eager to get back in and really... I don't know what....End of last year we had just seen each other constantly for four years. Sleeping on a bus and waking up next to each other, it was like, 'I do not want to see you for about... for a long time!' But then you are kind of wierdly missing each other."

We can't wait to hear the end results.

Arctic Monkeys


Arctic Monkeys Begin Work On New Album