Full Powers EP


Release Date: 05.23.08

The music of Cruel Black Dove's self-released EP, Full Powers, came at a very unexpected time. While the current vibe of indie rock is far from slick, this Brooklyn quartet slithered around our eardrums with a sheen and polish that added a vast depth to their rich, dark sound. Rather than waiting for the financial support of a record deal to help fund their recorded debut, Cruel Black Dove pieced this one together themselves, yet the results sound far from your typical band's first effort. Their songs are well crafted and perfectly produced, yet never cross the line of sounding too slick or without soul.

Backed by musicians Alan Veucasovic, Shirley Ho and Jonathan Nanberg, these three provide the perfect smoke-filled backdrop for the sultry vocals of frontwoman Anastasia Dimou. Together they create sultry songs that straddle the worlds of artists ranging from Curve to PJ Harvey. The band is able to perfectly balance out rock and electronic sounds in harmony, touching on a sonic territory that is frequently visited by Trent Reznor.

"Come On Over" is a prime example of how well Cruel Black Dove uses electronic beats to add color to their instrumentation, with physical drums providing the backbone to the track and the machine-made percussion helps push it along. The big track on this EP is without a doubt "Love Song." Anastasia's vocals are chilling, dramatic and intense, yet the song maintains an element of accessibility that breaks through the gloomy fog. You can definitely hear elements of Depeche Mode, Siouxsie And The Banshees, Massive Attack and Bauhaus in the roots of their music, which the band members discussed in our recent interview.

Cruel Black Dove may have only been around for a couple of years now, but the precision of the songs found on their Full Powers EP sound as if they have been together for much longer. With a debut effort this strong, I have no doubt that they will be receiving quite a bit of attention as word spreads about their recent release.


Cruel Black Dove

Full Powers EP