The Crimea To Release Latest Album In The US + Tour

Sometimes a press release doesn't need our very own spin, so here is the latest news from The Crimea, straight from the band. And yes, The Tripwire will have something very cool to offer later this month, so make sure you read this carefully!


Christopher Colombus eat your heart out.

The Crimea attempt to conquer the Americas by candlelight and Chinese whispers with the official US release of their free album Secrets Of The Witching Hour on July 14th, 2008. Long before Prince, Coldplay and the likes decided to give their music away for free. Back when Thom Yorke was still goin "MP.. what?". The Crimea were the original pioneers of this revolutionary marketing concept. They became the first established band to release a 'free album' in late spring 2007, a landmark industry event which led them to appear in Q Magazine's "Top Five Moments That Changed Music History", receiving global news attention from the Hindu Times to the Hollywood Reporter, and everything in between. The Crimea are a cottage industry with global notoriety. By harnessing the all-encompassing, global reach of the internet, They have radically boosted their revenue streams through syncs, increased profile and therefore increased live audiences and CD, merchandise sales to form the basis of a brave new business model that places the emphasis back squarely on artistic development and control.

"If you sit there and think,
Who am I?
How did I get here?
what is going to happen when I die?
You can scare the hell out of yourself
For all our science and philosophy
Nobody actually knows what happens after the last gasp,
Where we go?
Or what we become?
After the last gasp"

The above are the opening lines of Secrets Of The Witching Hour. Released in the USA on July 14th for one week as a free download on The Tripwire, then available to download for the duration of all time at The exclusive U.S.A version of the album has "tywanna jo baskette' a mysterious songstress from the deepest darkest South, whispering spooky sweet nothings between the songs, The album is free to all, with nothing required from the listeners in return - not even an email address. Recorded above a sweatshop in East London, a crumbling house in Norwich and in the wilds of Latvia. The record was produced by the band over seven agonizing months, ably assisted by Dave Allen (The Cure).

The Crimea first came to light in 2004 when Davey gave a demo to the legendary John Peel who happened to walk past as Davey was sweeping the streets of Soho - John played all 11 tracks and a band was born. The Crimea have always asked people to stop and think, they have been blazing their own trail for years, get played when babies are born and people are buried,

"That could go on for another three quarters of an hour as far as I'm concerned" - John Peel

Secrets Of The Witching Hour has been creeping virally and stealthily into peoples conscious, the counter can only go up, Venice beach isn't gonna know what hit it, the Vikings are coming, the Dunkirk landings are going to look like the Boston tea party, Secrets Of The Witching Hours is coming to America for all eternity, the Crimea perform the following U.S. dates

07.12.08 - New York, NY (Cake Shop)
07.13.08 - Brooklyn, NY (Union Hall)
07.14.08 - Brooklyn, NY (McCarren Park - Bedford/North 12th entrance - release party)
07.15.08 - Boston, MA (TT The Bears)
07.16.08 - Los Angeles, CA (Tangiers)
07.17.08 - Los Angeles, CA (Silverlake Lounge)
07.18.08 - San Diego, CA (Epicentre)
07.19.08 - Venice Beach, CA (P Zone - release party)
07.22.08 - New York, NY (Goodbye Blue Monday)

The Crimea

The Crimea To Release Latest Album In The US + Tour