Download - Calamity Magnet "Baby, You Forgot"

Being natives from the Lone Star State, we've been following the career of musician Sara Radle for quite some time now. Many moons ago, she was living in San Antonio and eventually Dallas performing music as Lucy Loves Schroeder. After releasing a couple of solo albums, she packed her bags and moved out to Los Angeles to become a member of the revived popsters The Rentals.

Well, those days have ended and Radle has shifted gears once again, now fronting Calamity Magnet. They have recently released a self-titled EP and have hit the road for a couple of weeks this month. They make some mighty fun indie pop, so make sure to check them out if they happen to be rolling through a town near you. To get you a bit more familiar with their tunes, download the single "Baby, You Forgot" below.

MP3 Download - "Baby, You Forgot"

Calamity Magnet Tour Dates
07.02.08 - Madison, WI (Crystal Corner Bar)
07.03.08 - Milwaukee, WI (Cactus Club)
07.04.08 - Chicago, IL (Quenchers)
07.05.08 - Grand Rapids, MI (The Whiskey Lounge)
07.06.08 - Rochester, NY (The Bug Jar)
07.07.08 - Cambridge, MA (TT The Bears)
07.08.08 - New York, NY (The Knitting Factory)
07.09.08 - Washington, DC (Velvet Lounge)
07.10.08 - Atlanta, GA (Vinyl)
07.11.08 - Pensacola, FL (Hopjacks)
07.12.08 - Covington, LA (The Green Room)
07.13.08 - Dallas, TX (The Barley House)
07.14.08 - Austin, TX (Emo's)
07.15.08 - San Antonio, TX (Rockbottom Tattoo Bar)
07.16.08 - El Paso, TX (Hidden Hookah)
07.17.08 - Phoenix, AZ (The Tribe! House)

Calamity Magnet

Download - Calamity Magnet "Baby, You Forgot"