Mark Ronson Chats About New Kaiser Chiefs Album

When you place producer Mark Ronson in charge of the Kaiser Chiefs' new album, the results should undoubtedly be interesting to say the least. This will be the third full-length for the Leeds-based group, and it is shaping up to be something in the vein of records from Talking Heads, The Tom Tom Club and ELO... at least that is what Ronson recently told the BBC.

In a recent interview, he said: "It's quite a bizarre, eccentric record for such a huge rock band, that's so mainstream, to make - in a good way. It's got some elements of Talking Heads and Tom Tom Club and Go Gos and The Move and ELO. I'm just really excited about that record, it's great and it's something we kind of did quickly."

You can watch the interview over at the official BBC Newsbeat site.

Kaiser Chiefs

Mark Ronson Chats About New Kaiser Chiefs Album