(RED) Creates Music Delivery System

(RED) announced that they are going to continue shelling out the awesomeness in hopes of raising money for people living with AIDS in Africa. Earlier this week the charity said they are going to start up a music delivery system including big name artists and up-and-comers.

According to Undercover, users will pay $5 per month and get a weekly issue that contains two exclusive songs; one from a top act and one from a baby band. There will also be something called a "Crackerjack Surprise," which includes stories about the efforts of (RED), and how their funds are being used. Half of each month's subscriber fees will go towards the Global Fund, which doesn't take any overhead.

Dan MacKinnon, the President of (RED) Content commented, "The world's best brands created (RED) products that have generated over US$110 million. What we are doing now is applying the (RED) model to music. Every week you will receive great music from amazing artists and people living with AIDS in Africa will receive lifesaving antiretroviral medicine."

The new program will go live later this year.


(RED) Creates Music Delivery System