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FADER TV: Albert Hammond Jr. Exclusive Broadcast

Resembling a very Blonde On Blonde era Bob Dylan, Albert Hammond Jr. and his equally fro'd out bandmates kicked off the month of July with an exclusive show at Mercury Lounge, presented by Black Seal/RCA Records. He played some old stuff, some new stuff, and some acoustic classic rock throwbacks in the dressing room—all the while wearing a sweet leather jacket. Undaunted by the summer heat, he wore the jacket for the entire set and even wiped his sweaty brow with the sleeve. If that’s not totally rockstar, we don’t know what is. Like a hometown hero done good, he was cheered on by a million of his closest friends and family members and we caught the whole thing on camera, and are bringing some of it to you almost live and direct on FADER TV.

Posted: July 03, 2008
FADER TV: Albert Hammond Jr. Exclusive Broadcast