Ian Curtis' Gravestone Missing

It's not really how we want to kick off our holiday weekend, but we just got the sad news that the gravestone of Joy Division's Ian Curtis has been stolen. The headstone simply read "Ian Curtis. 18-5-80. Love Will Tear Us Apart."

BBC Manchester reports that it was stolen from Macclesfield Cemetery sometime between Tuesday afternoon and Wednesday morning; and Chesire police are asking people to contact them if they have any information. You can do so here.

A police spokesperson told BBC "There is no CCTV in the area and there are no apparent leads as to who is responsible for the theft. This is a very unusual theft and I am confident that someone locally will have knowledge about who is responsible or where the memorial stone is at present."

Who would do something like this? We hope they find whoever did this horrible thing and bring them to justice.

Ian Curtis' Gravestone Missing