Did Blur Almost Perform At Glastonbury 2008?

I think that for as long as I have been writing for The Tripwire, there have been rumors about a potential Blur reunion. For Britpop lovers such as myself, this would be such a brilliant thing to see happen. In fact, if we could get Blur and Pulp both back on stage, life would be pretty amazing.

We've gone back and forth on those whole Blur reunion rumor madness, watching various members say that there is no way a reunion would take place, and then weeks later hearing the polar opposite. Well, according to Alex James' most recent column in The Independent, it sounds like it will eventually happen, as they almost performed at this year's Glastonbury Festival.

In his article, he wrote: "Blur very nearly played Glastonbury this year, and there was a pang of regret when I heard Damon's mum had nixed it at the eleventh hour. I was looking forward to showing off to Claire and the kids, but I suppose the important thing was to have been asked, and listening to all that screaming I felt pleased about how things had turned out. I'm sure it'll happen one day, but for the meantime I put Rossini back in the machine and ate the high road."

So close! It is reassuring to hear that the possibility is still there, keeping the dream alive for those of us who would flip out with one more chance to see Damon Albarn, Graham Coxon, Alex James and Dave Rowntree on stage together again. To read more about James' thoughts on Glastonbury and cheese, click here.


Did Blur Almost Perform At Glastonbury 2008?