Download - The Cloud Room "Blue Monday" (New Order Cover)

The fellas in the NYC indie group The Cloud Room have kept the interwebs filled with new, free music lately. Last month they released another in their series of fake 7" singles, featuring downloads for "Sticks & Stones" and "T-Shirts" over on their MySpace page. Then out of nowhere today, we saw our inbox receiving another treat from the band: a cover of New Order's "Blue Monday."

This cover is part of an '80s compilation pieced together by the Spanish pop/electonica site BuffetLibreDJs, titled Rewind. This comp contains some pretty interesting selections, such as Electric Soft Parade covering Pet Shop Boys' "Jealousy," and Someone Still Loves You Boris Yeltsin covering XTC's "Another Satellite."

We will let you snag The Cloud Room's cover here on The Tripwire, but you'll have to roll over to for the rest.

MP3 Download - "Blue Monday"

The Cloud Room

Download - The Cloud Room "Blue Monday" (New Order Cover)