Dungen Prep Fourth Album

Swedish outfit Dungen will return with their fourth studio album, aptly titled 4, on September 30 via Kemado. While we haven't heard the record yet, we were told that the lineup will consist of band leader Gustav Ejestes, new drummer Johan Holmegard, guitarist Reine Fiske and bassist Mattias Gustavsson.

The work will contain ten tracks, lasting no longer than five minutes each. Some of the songs include opener "Satt At Se," the live favorite "Mina Damer och Fasaner," the jammy "Samtidigt," the instrumental "Fredag," and the groovy "Det Tar Tid." For fans who can't wait until September 30, "Satt At Se" will be released on a limited edition 12" before 4 hits stores.



Dungen Prep Fourth Album