Want To Be In A Mason Proper Video?

We're getting mighty excited about the upcoming release of Mason Proper's new album, Olly Oxen Free. Their sophomore effort will be out on September 23 via our buddies at Dovecote Records. With a new album comes new music videos, and the band needs your help. The fellas recently reached out via MySpace, asking for their fans who like to get their dance on in the Ann Arbor / Brighton area to come out to the video shoot. Here is the message from the band:

Are you 18 or above? Or can fool us into thinking you are? (I'm serious, if you can honestly pass for 18, that's fine)
Are you able to be spend July 27th with us in/around Ann Arbor/Brighton?
Are you very comfortable dancing INTENSELY, quite possibly to no music (the beat inside your head)?
Do you have a special move?
Do you have white pants? Or maybe black pants? (I can't remember which we decided)
Do you have a flashlight or two?

If you meet these requirements (except maybe the special move), read this message from hott garbage below and freakin' do it.

We need 50 (+) dancers/extras for the debut Music Video from Mason Proper's new Album "Olly Oxen Free," which hits shelves September 23rd. The video is for the song "Safe For The Time Being," make sure to check it out on their MySpace profile. Now when I say we need dancers/extras I don't mean professionals necessarily.

I mean 'people who are down to have a good time, be semi-costumed, and pose and shape their bodies in interesting manners.' And when I say 50 ( + ) I don't necessarily mean senior citizens. Although, perhaps them too. It's very free form. Creativity is encouraged. It will be wonderfully fun.

Food and art merry making will be provided. We begin rolling on : JULY 27, 2008 Please bring as many friends as you would like, but you MUST RSVP with either Mike or myself. Let us know.

Mason Proper

Want To Be In A Mason Proper Video?