Download - Ben Sollee's Open Letter To Kanye West

Kanye West's unbelievably late performance at this year's Bonnaroo festival struck a chord with many fans. Festival attendees chanted less than kind things about the hip hop star, portable toilets were spray painted "Kanye Sucks," and his recent blog rants have shown a less than impressive side of his personality. Now, we're not going to point fingers, as we weren't at the fest and frankly could care less about his online rants, but the interwebs have definitely been buzzing with Kanye negativity as of late.

Rather than just bitching about West, indie-folk musician Ben Sollee decided to write and record his very own open letter, simply titled "Dear Kanye." From what we've been told, the song was recorded yesterday morning using the internal mic on his laptop. We couldn't help but smile has Sollee sang "you don't need a light show / just good flows." Nicely done, Ben. You can download the MP3 of this track below.

MP3 Download - "Dear Kanye"

Ben Sollee

Download - Ben Sollee's Open Letter To Kanye West