Brett Anderson Releases New LP Online

Last week we got word that Brett Anderson is going to release his sophomore record, Wilderness, in the UK on September 1. For fans like us though, we are planning on picking it up a little earlier.

On July 10, Wilderness will be available on B&W Music Club online. The website is an online music community for audiophiles and music fans, and it will offer exclusive monthly albums to its members, specially recorded at Peter Gabriel's Real World Studios. The albums will be available in a lossless file format, providing CD-quality.

Sound interesting? Sign up here to trial download three of the songs for free including "A Different Place," "Chinese Whispers" and "Funeral Mantra."

As for more information about Wilderness, we can share that the new release was recorded and mixed in seven days and features a minimal setup, with Anderson on piano and guitar, Amy Langley on cello, and guest vocals from Emmanuelle Seigner on the track "A Different Place."

Brett Anderson

B&W Music Club

Brett Anderson Releases New LP Online