Death From Above 1979 Solo EP Now Available

Some pretty rad news just came down the Saddle Creek pipeline. Sebastien Grainger, the former drummer & vocalist for the sadly defunct Death From Above 1979, has released his debut solo EP. Titled American Names, it was recorded over the past year in his own studio. After creating an initial batch of tunes, he took them to the stage with a four-piece band, then brought the re-energized and rockified versions back to his studio to re-work them once again.

The results will be heard on this EP, which will be shortly followed by his debut full-length as Sebastian Grainger and The Mountains, which will be out in October. About the record, he said it is "an opening statement but in no way do I think it's a map of things to come... it's a 'jump off' ... hopefully a solid step back into the world."

Sebastian Grainger

Death From Above 1979 Solo EP Now Available