Exclusive Download - The Crimea's Secrets Of The Witching Hour (US Version)

We are absolutely thrilled to have the exclusive download premiere for the latest album from The Crimea, titled Secrets Of The Witching Hour. This UK group has experienced all of the ups and downs of dealing with the music biz, having record deals, getting dropped, and yet they have continued pushing forward, which has resulted in one fantastic album. It was released online last year as a free download in the UK, an event that was considered a landmark even in music overseas. Q Magazine declared the online release of Witching Hour one of the "top five moments that changed music history."

It is now time for the lads to bring their outstanding album to our shores, again via free download. The US version of Secrets Of The Witching Hour features an updated tracklisting, as well as Tywanna Jo Baskette, a mysterious songstress from the deepest darkest South, whispering spooky sweet nothings between the songs. The record was produced by the band over seven agonizing months, ably assisted by Dave Allen (The Cure).

The band is also currently touring our shores, hitting up both coasts to celebrate the US release of the album. They will be performing tonight at McCarren Park in Brooklyn, so if you're in the Big Apple make a point to stop by and catch the show. You'll want to head to the Bedford/North 12th entrance.

Many thanks go out to Davey MacManus and the rest of the band for giving The Tripwire the exclusive download for the US version of Secrets Of The Witching Hour this week!

Exclusive Download - The Crimea: Secrets Of The Witching Hour (US Version)

The Crimea - US Tour Dates
07.14.08 - Brooklyn, NY (McCarren Park - Bedford/North 12th entrance - release party)
07.15.08 - Boston, MA (TT The Bears)
07.16.08 - Los Angeles, CA (Tangiers)
07.17.08 - Los Angeles, CA (Silverlake Lounge)
07.18.08 - San Diego, CA (Epicentre)
07.19.08 - Venice Beach, CA (P Zone - release party)
07.22.08 - New York, NY (Goodbye Blue Monday)

The Crimea

Exclusive Download - The Crimea's Secrets Of The Witching Hour (US Version)