Exclusive Video + Download - Sunny Day Sets Fire "Stranger"

On July 8 Sunny Day Sets Fire released Summer Palace. The album is a great one to listen to on these hot 100+ degrees days that we are having. In order to help get the word out there, the band had ten short clips that were created with ten different songs and directors.

We have the exclusive premiere of the clip for "Stranger," which you can watch and download the MP3 of below. You can also peep some of the older clips too via the snazzy widget. The clip for "Stranger" is not an official video, but a short interpretation of the song that was directed by Cat Solen (Los Campesinos, Sia, CSS, Bright Eyes, Death Cab For Cutie).

MP3 Download - "Stranger"


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Exclusive Video + Download - Sunny Day Sets Fire "Stranger"