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Before we know it, the new Oasis record, Dig Out Your Soul, will be available. Days after the news about the band's UK deal came to fruition, we got word about some of the new tunes that were produced by Dave Sardy. Not too much else has been leaked about the record, but we did catch wind of the tracklisting, and got word that the cover art was done by London-based designer Julian House. It is still slated to come out October 7 in the States, oh yeah, and it's not going to be free.

Dig Out Your Soul
01. "Bag It Up"

02. "The Turning"

03. "Waiting For The Rapture"

04. "The Shock Of The Lightning"

05 "I'm Outta Time"

06. "(Get Off Your) High Horse Lady"

07. "Falling Down"

08. "To Be Where There's Life"

09. "Ain't Got Nothin'"

10. "The Nature of Reality"

11. "Soldier On"



Oasis Share Tracklisting