/Passenger Heading To US For Brief Tour

We've been obsessing over Wicked Man's Rest, the stellar album from the UK group /Passenger. The band's timing couldn't have been any more perfect, as they have officially announced a return to our shores for a brief US tour. The last time they crossed the big pond, their itinerary only brought them to NYC and LA, so at least this time round they're covering more ground. Now we just need to find a way to get them down to Austin.

07.31.08 - New York, NY (Living Room)
08.01.08 - Philadelphia, PA (World's Cafe)
08.03.08 - Annapolis, MD (Rams Head)
08.04.08 - Nashville, TN (TBD)
08.05.08 - Louisville, KY (Gerstles)
08.07.08 - Minneapolis, MN (The Hollow)
08.09.08 - Denver, CO (Meadowlark)
08.11.08 - Los Angeles, CA (Hotel Cafe)
08.12.08 - San Diego, CA (House Of Blues)
08.13.08 - San Francisco, CA (Swedish American)


/Passenger Heading To US For Brief Tour