Exclusive – The Whigs' Hot Sports Opinions On Baseball

Our buddies Parker Gispert and Julian Dorio from The Whigs are not only talented as hell musicians, they’re also fans of America’s favorite pastime. Yup, these dudes love baseball. We happened to get two photos of Parker and Julian batting and pitching during this year’s Sasquatch Music Festival, which you can check out below.

Parker also has some hot sports opinions on how things will shake out during the current baseball season. Of course, we shouldn’t be surprised that these Georgia boys are confident that their beloved Braves are going to win the World Series. Here are Parker Gispert’s baseball predictions:

The Atlanta Braves are going to win the World Series. Chipper Jones is going to be the National League’s MVP. Also, in an act defying both time and reason, Greg Olson, Jeff Treadway, Marvin Freeman, Keith Mitchell, Alejandro Pena, Juan Berenguer, Steve Avery, and Jerry Willard will rejoin the Atlanta Braves after the All-Star break for their ascendance to Major League Baseball’s summit.

The Whigs

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