Live - Rick Springfield/Dr. Noah Drake @ General Hospital | Port Charles, NY

Not only is this Tripwire contributor a writer of new music, I also dabble in extra on television and films. We are also referred to as "background actors" or "atmosphere players."

Today was a special day to be atmosphere. I was on the set of the daytime soap General Hospital. I played the character of a mini-skirt wearing concertgoer. The concert was for the one and only Dr. Noah Drake, or whom we call Rick Springfield in real life.

Drake/Springfield was decked out in old man rocker gear. Jeans, a black button up with dragons (or something equally as crazy and rock n' roll like that), guy-liner, and accessorized with bracelets, which at some point, one broke and the wardrobe lady swooped in to replace it. Just like at a real rock concert! What a badass! And his backing band was the quintessential old-dude rocker band that you would expect Drake/Springfield to have. The drummer looked like a former metal guy who now has a family, the bassist is probably a roadie for the Goo Goo Dolls, and the guitarist may have been the guitar tech for Sugar Ray in the glory days. Hoorah for studio musicians!

As for the performance, man oh man. The one song I had to hear play over and over again was called "What's Victoria's Secret?" From what I gather, "Vicoria's Secret" seems to be a more modern version of "Jesse's Girl." Seriously? I would assume the songwriters are thinking that people can relate to him if he just sings something similar to his big hit. Plus, the songwriters were probably pretty lazy because it's the same fucking song. Actually, only the verses sound like "Jesse's Girl," the chorus, however, sounds just like Michelle Branch's "Breath." (Yes, it's lame that I even know that. I worked in commercial radio for nearly a decade. Leave me alone.)

As I watched Drake/Springfield lip synch "What's Victoria's Secret?" the first couple of times, the director made me fake dance, clap and act excited. After hearing it again and again, I lacked the will for artificial excitement. Then maybe after the ninth or tenth time, I began to dance and clap...for real this time. I knew the lyrics by now. There was no forced enthusiasm there. It's pretty much my favorite song now.

Drake/Springfield's heart was really into it. He was sweating real sweat, not that glycerin spray makeup ladies put on actors to look like they are sweating. REAL ROCK AND ROLL SWEAT! Either that, or he's a great actor, which I also don't doubt. To top it all off, his character is supposed to be Australian, so he was speaking in a British accent the whole time. HEY, it makes sense in Hollywood.

This wonderful episode of General Hospital airs on ABC daytime, July 29th, the same day his new album, Venus in Overdrive (New Door Records), drops. That's some marketing! You may even catch shots of me rocking out when they pan the "crowd." There were about 15 of us, but they made it look like there was a stadium full. Hollywood magic!

Rick Springfield - What's Victoria's Secret?

The one and only Dr. Noah Drake

Live - Rick Springfield/Dr. Noah Drake @ General Hospital | Port Charles, NY