The Verve's Forth To Be Available As Boxset

It should come as no surprise that The Verve's upcoming comeback album, Forth, will be available in a plethora of formats. All three are currently available for pre-order over at the band's official online store, consisting over the regular CD, a deluxe boxset and a CD/DVD package.

The deluxe boxset, which will only be available from the online store, will contain a double heavyweight gatefold vinyl version of Forth, which features two bonus tracks not available on the CD. It will also have the CD/DVD version, an exclusive memorabilia tour book and a free download of the single "Love Is Noise" recorded live at Glastonbury. You will also get to download the album early, starting on August 18.

As for the CD/DVD package, it will have the normal version of the album on CD, accompanied by a DVD featuring a band documentary and footage from their performance at Coachella back in May. It will be packaged in a case-bound tour book, which sounds pretty sweet. You will also get the "Love Is Noise" live at Glastonbury download as well. Here is the DVD tracklisting:

01. "Sonnet" (Live At Coachella)
02. "Life's An Ocean" (Live At Coachella)
03. "The Rolling People" (Live At Coachella)
04. "Lucky Man" (Live At Coachella)
05. "Love Is Noise" (Live At Coachella)
+ 20 minute "Space And Time" documentary

Forth will be released in the US on August 26.

The Verve

The Verve's Forth To Be Available As Boxset