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FADER TV: Riding The Cyclone With Indian Jewelry

Indian Jewelry, for those of us who’ve seen a live show, is the type of band we just assume would turn to pillars of ash under direct sunlight. So when they suggested that we head to Coney Island for some thrills and chills on a Wednesday afternoon, we happily obliged and were delighted to see their beautiful porcelain skin in the light of day. And there they were, traipsing all around the grounds of Astroland with a running commentary of the slightly depressing rides and patrons of the amusement park. They even threw around a few shout-outs to Astroworld (R.I.P. 2005) in their mother-city of Houston, TX. It took a few beers and a few shirtless, fat men to get them to leave the Coney concrete and board Brooklyn’s last standing lawsuit in the making, but they did it! They rode the Cyclone! Afterwards, whiplashed and nauseous, they went to the beach and tried not to get sand in their beer. Watch the video above to be a part of our psychedelic exploration of an American pastime.

FADER TV: Riding The Cyclone With Indian Jewelry