Dandy Warhols Offer Free EP At Indie Record Stores

While you are out and about tomorrow, why not pick up a free EP from The Dandy Warhols? Starting on Saturday, the band will be giving away an exclusive EP, Earth To The Remix EP Vol. 1, which will be available at over 400 stores nationwide. The remixes were done by each of the Warhols themselves, ranging from spaced-out dub to electonica.

The EP is being given away to help spread the world about their upcoming new album, ...Earth To The Dandy Warhols, which is landing in stores on August 19 via their own Beat The World Records. To see the entire list of stores who will have this EP available, head over to recordstoreday.com.

Earth To The Remix Vol. 1
01. "Come The Fuck On" (A Peter Holmstrom / Jeremy Sherrer Remix)
02. "THE MONSTER MISH" (A Taylor-Taylor / Jacob Portrait Remix)
03. "Welcome To The Skin-Up" (Fathead / Jeremy Sherrer Remix)
04. "Dub In The Lotus" (A Zia McCabe / Jeremy Sherrer Remix)

The Dandy Warhols

Dandy Warhols Offer Free EP At Indie Record Stores