Download - Mercury Rev "Senses On Fire"

Remember V2? Yeah, they are still cranking out records overseas even though here in the States they are DOA. The latest from their camp will be the new album from Mercury Rev, Snowflake Midnight, that will come out in the UK on September 29. If that wasn't enough, the guys are also going to release Strange Attractor, an eleven-track companion album, as a free digital download.

We just heard "Senses On Fire," a cut off the upcoming Snowflake album that will be released September 22, and are quite pleased with the band's return. It's not as sleepy as their last few efforts, and has a return to the ballsy Flaming Lips-ish lavishness that their earlier work boasted. Download it to see why we like it so much.

MP3 Download - "Senses On Fire"

Mercury Rev


Download - Mercury Rev "Senses On Fire"