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Video: Midnight Juggernauts, "Into The Galaxy"

Now that zany incoherence finds its way into nearly every video, it's nice to see it taken to a new artistic level in the hands of Rozan & Schmeltz who directed "Into The Galaxy" for design collective Surface 2 Air. We're assuming that means Jérémie Rozan (one of S2A's founders) concepted the CGI monoliths, giant scarves and the motocrosser who bursts into fireworks, and Martial Schmeltz said "Yeah we can do that." Which all makes it pretty easy for the Midnight Juggs who just stand there and sound cool. Rozan & Schmeltz were also most notably responsible for Black Kids' "Hurricane Jane" and Justice vs Simian's "We Are Your Friends", so this was clearly no accident.

Video: Midnight Juggernauts, "Into The Galaxy"