Damon Albarn's Monkey Coming To XL Recordings

For fans that will be unable to attend Damon Albarn and Jamie Hewlett's operatic awesomeness, Monkey: Journey To The West, at least we'll get the music in our hands very soon. We've been covering the details about Monkey since a good friend of The Tripwire sent us some photos of rehearsals last year.

The music on the soundtrack is performed by a cast of European and Chinese musicians and singers, and was produced by Albarn himself. The album runs for fifty minutes, including both instrumental and vocal tracks. Although we don't have an exact release date yet, we do know that the album will indeed be released this fall in North America by XL Recordings. With Jamie Hewlett in charge of the visual aspect of Monkey, we're sure that the album's packaging will be amazing as well.

Monkey: Journey To The West
01. "Monkey's World"
02. "Monkey Travels"
03. "Into The Eastern Sea"
04. "The Living Sea"
05. "The Dragon King"
06. "Iron Rod"
07. "Out Of The Eastern Sea"
08. "Heavenly Peach Banquet"
09. "Battle In Heaven"
10. "O Mi To Fu"
11. "Whisper"
12. "Tripitaka's Curse"
13. "Confessions Of A Pig"
14. "Sandy The River Demon"
15. "March Of The Volunteers"
16. "The White Skeleton Demon"
17. "Monk's Song"
18. "I Love Buddah"
19. "March Of The Iron Army"
20. "Pigsy In Space"
21. "Monkey Bee"
22. "Disappearing Volcano"

Monkey: Journey To The West

Damon Albarn's Monkey Coming To XL Recordings