Sometimes you simply need a great pop record to help you cruise through a summery afternoon. Sure, you could through on some Justice or Cut Copy, but perhaps you've been itching for something new... and from Sweden. If that is the case, Pacific! will take care of that craving with catchy as fuck melodies, plenty of electronic beats, all mixed together with indie pop that will easily set the mood.

Pacific! (yes the exclamation mark is a part of their name), is comprised of two dudes - Daniel Hogberg and Bjorn Synneby. Together they make music that combines the guilty pleasure of '80s pop with a steady undercurrent of indie, sort of like if Soft Cell decided to partner up with Lemon Jelly in an electro pop explosion. At times, such as on the opener "Dissapear," the songs slide along with the ease and sophistication of Air. They then turn the retro synths up with the insanely catchy Sunset Blvd., as well as on "Runway To Elsewhere." In fact, when the synth drums kick off "Runway," you almost expect to look out your window to see a DeLorean pull up into your driveway, with Daft Punk behind the wheel.

"Hold Me" pulls back on the electro, with an arrow aimed straight to the heart of numerous classic '80s tracks. Visions of A-Ha, Hall & Oates and in a weird way, a dose of early Peter Gabriel all mixed together immediately come to mind. The track definitely sounds vintage, but in a totally cool way. When you get to "Number One," a different influence suddenly appears, as the layered harmonies bring the sunny pop of Brian Wilson into their expansive list of influences. So yes, you get a simple Pointer Sisters / Thompson Twins beat with these sunny Californian melodies, all brought to you by two dudes from Sweden. Has your head exploded yet?

After giving Reveries several listens, it has definitely gotten better and better, making this one of those rare albums that were completely off my radar and has become a total favorite. If you dig Phoenix and Gary Numan, get ready to go back in time. Yeah, I threw a Huey Lewis reference out there... deal with it!