Evil Dead 4 Could Become A Reality

Sure, it isn't exactly music news, but the Evil Dead movie franchise has definitely made its mark in our culture. Bruce Campbell has remained a b-movie acting legend, and it looks like he could very well be partnering up with Evil Dead director Sam Raimi for a fourth installment.

The power of Evil Dead has found its way into pop culture, even coming up in a conversation between Jack Black and John Cusack in High Fidelity. The Tripwire crew has been obsessed with the three Evil Dead Films, including the (up until now) final zombie gone medieval madness of the '92 finale Army Of Darkness. Well, Raimi has let the cat out of the bag at this year's Comic-Con, and holy hell are we excited.

The peeps at Gawker uncovered the news thanks to Geeks Of Doom, who had the following quote from Raimi: "I love working with Bruce Campbell... He's super willing to do anything to make it right. He's a very funny guy, but mostly he's got this quality where he will physically do anything to get the shot done right, so I would love to work with Bruce again because I'd love to test those limits. I'd love to make another Evil Dead picture. And actually that's in the wheelhouse. I'd like to work on it with my brother Ivan [Raimi] when he comes up next week."

I am sure they'll have no problem prying Bruce Campbell away from his Old Spice commercials to get another Evil Dead film completed.

Evil Dead 4 Could Become A Reality