Video: Mount Eerie and Julie Doiron Live

Because we are cool and get stuff way before it comes out (booyah, common people) we have been listening incessantly to the upcoming Mount Eerie + Julie Doiron (and this other guy Fred Squire but we’re not sure who he is) album Lost Wisdom. There is a song called “What?” with the lyric “Newborn babies come to life on my face/ they say ta-da!” What? Exactly. There is also a really simple part where Julie Doiron says “I used to know you, now I don’t” and then the song ends and you are like “gosh, I guess music can still be brutal.” Or maybe it’s just that kind of corny/susceptible/touched mindspace we live in. But we digress. If perhaps you are also the kind of person that wishes occasionally Phil Elvrum would put out slightly fewer records and just make sure they are all as perfect as they could be, Lost Wisdom is real talk. Above is the first of seven videos comprising a complete Mount Eerie set with Doiron and Squire playing the record just after they finished recording this past April (and a few solo classic Microphones jams.) After the jump are the other six parts in a tidy, watchable column because we love you.

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