F Yeah Fest Announces Lineup

Over the last four years, F Yeah Fest has taken place in Los Angeles' Echo Park. Each year sees new locations, but all are always close enough to each other to make it easy for patrons to get around on foot. The lineup for 2008's F Yeah Fest just went live (happening at the Echo, EchoPlex and Jensen Rec Center), and features the usual awesomeness in music and comedy. The festivities will happen from August 30-21, and will include a scavenger hunt and a taco-eating contest. Peep the massive list of what is going on below, and then head over to their website to get more information.


Saturday, August 30
No Age
Negative Approach
Matt & Kim
Fucked Up
Two Gallants
David Vandervelde
Glass Candy
High Places
Mika Miko
The Strange Boys
Abe Vigoda
David Dondero
Mannequin Men
Best Fwends
Crystal Antlers
Underground Railraod to Candy Land
War Tapes
Frank Fairfield
Graham Forest

Sunday, August 31

LA Scavenger Hunt 08'
This year we decided to make the fest a little more interesting. After the F Yeah Tour we realized that we had to go back to our roots of doing more then simply putting on shows and focusing on events that have nothing to do with music. This is why we are organizing an all day scavenger hunt to kick off the second day of the F Yeah Fest.

We are doing this for all of you that have never participated in scavenger hunt as a kid, also for those of you who live like we do and strive off child like activities such as dodgeball, hide and seek, and capture the flag. For those of you that just want to have fun. That's exactly what this event is about. HAVING FUN.

At the first LA Scavenger Hunt we had more then five hundred participants. People of all ages attended this event. It was great to see a sixteen year old punk kid with a Limp Wrist shirt chat with a middle aged architect while waiting in line to sign up. This was in some ways an accomplishment because it was the first time that we organized an event that brought such a diverse group of people together. And this is what we want to bring back. This scavenger hunt is for everyone. Let's make this the best day of summer.

Here are the details for the event:

The hunt will take place on Sunday, August 31st and will start at 2pm at the Echo Park Lake. It will end at a yet to be determined location in Echo Park at 7:00pm. The hunt is all ages & open to the public.

The List & Teams:
The list for the hunt is made up of 100 items. Each item is worth a certain amount of points. The team with the most points at 7:00pm wins the grand prize. Teams are made up of 2 to 5 people. Each team must have a name. Your team should be like one of the gangs in the movie, the Warriors. Wear matching uniforms (this is not necessary but HIGHLY recommended), face paint, and make sure to scream a lot.

Items & Points:
Here is an example of some of the items that were on the list to the last scavenger hunt.
01. Everyone on the team gets cornrows and extended fingernails. Must be real cornrows.
02. One Person on the team getting a flat top with their name shaved into the back of their head.
03. Life size cut out of Eazy E.
04. Gay Porno magazine pre 1987
05. Photograph of team member kissing a stranger on the lips. 50 extra points if it is a senior citizen.

The grand prize for the hunt will be $2,500 in prizes, $500 in cash and the largest bottle of whiskey known to man, and if you are not 21 then you'll get a keg of Crystal Clear Pepsi.

Sunday, August 31st
Trans Am
The Drones
8:00pm / $15 / All Ages
*$12 if you participate in the hunt

Sunday, August 31st
Special Guest Headliner
Hit Me Back
Final Fight
Broken Needle
@ the Smell
8:00pm / $7 / All Ages

Dan Deacon
At a secret location - you have to sign up for the F Yeah Fest mailing list on their website to receive information about the show. Everyone from the scavenger hunt will get in.
8:00pm / ALL AGES

F Yeah Fest

F Yeah Fest Announces Lineup