Here We Stand

Release Date: 06.10.08

Plopping down at The Salty Pub in a generic fishing village on the coast of England, I ordered up a pint of bitters and stretched a yawn. The chaps on stage, going by The Fratellis, lit in with soundtrack for this evening. "My Friend John" was three sheets next to me and inquired, "If you were a ship, what ship would you be?" Without hesitance my mind was moving like a Marshal on horseback through our conversation. It moved to "A Heady Tale" which I was in no mood for, so I focused up on my fresh pint of bitters. "Shameless" reflected my actions after two strong drinks with "Look Out Sunshine!," finding me bobbing my head with a relaxed pop sensibility. Unfortunately my inner demons started to leak out via ethanol-fueled introspection. "Stragglers Moon" had me looking around with a stare that was up to no good and leaving the watering hole, I began to wander the lonely streets of this sleepy working class burg. The evening would have ended with me committing vandalistic acts against private property had "Mistress Mable" come to rescue me. The warmth her embrace pulled me from my dark thoughts of love gone wrong, and took me back to a stable trust of humankind. Perhaps my emotions were running too high, but "Babydol"l had me falling for this lady of the night. However when my coffers ran dry I was escorted to the door. Realizing what a foolish heart I was keeping, I ventured back to The Salty Pub. Swinging between varying energies of regret between the "Acid Jazz Singer" and "Lupe Brown" I was lost in the past. So much introspection was being done regarding long lost ladies while scavenging unfinished pints. Abruptly being removed from said establishment, the evening found me on the deck of my fishing boat. The stars were spinning above my head when "Milk and Money" had me in tears. Feeling the failures of my life took me through regret, anger, and back to an acceptance of what I was. Here We Stand had me lying down more than jumping around. The conglomeration of tales is great piece to get in touch with your past, but nothing to celebrate with. I can't say you will have the same introspective evening, but that's the way it happened for me.

The Fratellis



Here We Stand