Live - Hercules And Love Affair @ Mezzanine | SF

You know what is tragic? Entering a room full of beautiful men than you can't have. This is the ultimate shitty situation for a straight girl, and something I have nightmares about...

Fortunately, said menz and I were all in the same place to groove, so I could still manhandle a fine specimen of choice and pass it off as "dancing." Saturday hosted nudisco kings and queens Hercules and Love Affair, and I wore flats knowing the party would be epic. As soon as I entered Mezzanine, I was assaulted with headdresses, scantily-clad bodies (biological and not), and lucite of all colors and shapes all meshing together, and H&LA hadn't even gone on yet. Boys looked like girls, girls were slutty girls, and I was in a modest dress. What was going on?

I know the NYC trio and co has been subjected to criticism about their debut recorded disc, but I am here to say that I survived that glitter fiesta live and it ruled. While Antony (of Antony & the Johnsons fame) is missing in person for tracks he guested on ("Blind" and "Time Will"), singer Nomi stepped in to raise it 19 notches, her glitter bra and miniskirt ensemble shining in the light as she go-go'ed her way through a spectacular version that included a live horn section and superb percussion. "Hercules Theme" is a raising tune of a disco, electro, and big band sandwich, and every song thereafter was a harder hit; more dancing, more drinking, and more cheering ensued. Each instrument seemed to come alive and shine while also complimenting the one it was layered over; it was as if the music had come to life and had splattered onto the audience, filling their veins with dance juice while the band on stage clattered about in a harmonious cacophony. Oh yeah, I was that happy. Simply put, H&LA are a dance band, and I love dance bands, because that means I get to dance. I'm a happy Jenz.

The only thing I ask is that someone pass me the memo next time I'm going to an extravaganza like H&LA. Glitter? Hotpants? Feathers? Glitter hotpants with feathers? I need to know these things before I am one-upped by a fierce drag queen with better legs than me.

Hercules And Love Affair

Live - Hercules And Love Affair @ Mezzanine | SF