Sophomore Album From The Avalanches Coming Soon (Maybe)

It is really hard to believe that it has already been seven years since The Avalanches blew our minds with their debut album, Since I Left You. Well, it seems that their follow-up may actually be on the horizon.

The details are practically nonexistent, but the kids over at NME happened to check out The Avalanches' MySpace page, where their status simply says: "putting the finishing touches on album 2 !!!!!!!!!"

So there you have it. A brief note on their MySpace page. Nothing more. If this is indeed true, hopefully more details will surface soon. In the meantime, lets hop into our time machine and go back to their debut album and enjoy the zany video for "Frontier Psychiatrist."

The Avalanches

Sophomore Album From The Avalanches Coming Soon (Maybe)