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FADER TV: Friendly Fires LIVE in New York City

We wouldn't say we're stalking Friendly Fires' music, per se... we just play it constantly on our iPod whether on the subway, at the gym, in the shower, whilst plugging their band name into Technorati to see if there is new webgossip about them, or when we are surreptitiously following their songs in our car, incognito in a trench, some locs, a hat, just so we're low key. In particular, "Ex Lover" and "Strobe" are the Friendly Fires tracks most consuming our loco-obsessive "Sybil" side right now, which is why those are the ones we filmed when the exuberant Brit band played a stellar show in NYC this week. We are particularly into the parts where guitarist Edd Gibson starts laughing mid-solo. Actually no, we are most into the parts where they go off and JAM on drums and chaos. Oh we can't decide! They're all our faves! Just watch it! (P.S. these are from their new album, out September 1.) (P.P.S. "Strobe" after the jump.)

FADER TV: Friendly Fires LIVE in New York City