R.I.P. - The Hourly Radio Calls It A Day

Bands come and go, and while a good number of break ups are no biggie, we're quite bummed to hear that Dallas' The Hourly Radio has decided to throw in the towel. We always felt that they never got the attention that they deserved, which was apparent at the less than stellar turn out at their CMJ showcase last year. Those that were in attendance definitely got it, with the Tripwire crew being among those few. Below is the official statement from the band, which was posted on their MySpace page yesterday. Many thanks to Ryan, Adam, Tim and Aaron for making some brilliant (and underappreciated) music!


As some of you may have heard, we have officially decided to stop making music together as The Hourly Radio. We can't express how much the experience has meant to us or how difficult the decision has been to move on, but we want to thank all of you for supporting the band and the music. We're going to take some time to compile our favorite pictures and memories to post here and on our website and hope to make our entire catalogue available for free download soon. If you have any images or stories you'd like to share, please post them. You never know, they might make it into The Hourly Radio coffee table book.

The Hourly Radio

R.I.P. - The Hourly Radio Calls It A Day