The Globe

The first time I listened to this album I was on my way to work through the bustling streets of a New York Monday morning. With nothing but the solace of my iPod to get me through the exasperating commute, I started The Globe and away I set off on an adventure.

As the saying goes, the third time's a charm. And charm is exactly what The Silent Years does with its third album, The Globe. Set for release August 26th, the Detroit natives take us around the world of sound, with singer Josh Epstein leading the voyage triumphantly.

Mixing succinct yet undeniably poignant vocals with melodious tunes interspersed with rock-out riffs, the majority of the album is a well-balanced meal. It satisfies all cravings; whether it be the sweet sounds of the piano keys or strings, courtesy of Cassandra Verras, painting a picturesquely pleasant world or the salty, and often disenchanted, words of painfully familiar life lessons learned. Lyrics hit home unexpectedly, such as in songs "On Our Way Home" and "Goddamn You!" The truth emanated in the words entrances and connects the listener to the experiences, making the band relatable and listeners (at least this one!) feeling understood through shared experiences.

Fellow bandmates, Pat Michalak, Mike Majewski, and Fabian Halabou round out the complementary talent that is The Silent Years, all providing a vital role in the success of the album. This is an album I'll listen to on a rainy or sunny day, if I'm feeling floaty or grounded, content or spiteful. There's something for everyone on The Globe, and there's something for every adventure.

The Silent Years

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The Globe