The Secret Machines Shed Light On New LP

You already know that Secret Machines are going in the way of Dandy Warhols and putting out their upcoming LP themselves with the help of World's Fair. The new lineup, consisting of founding members Brandon Curtis and Josh Garza with new addition Phil Karnats, is also currently on the road playing some of the new jams live.

The new LP, called Secret Machines, was recorded New York City and produced by the band with Brandon Mason.

Secret Machines
01. "Atomic Heels"
02. "Last Believer, Drop Dead"
03. "Have I Run Out"
04. "Underneath The Concrete"
05. "Now You're Gone"
06. "The Walls are Starting to Crack"
07. "I Never Thought to Ask"
08. "The Fire Is Waiting"

Secret Machines


The Secret Machines Shed Light On New LP