Download - Thomas White "The Runaround"

Last year we were floored by the third album from the UK's Electric Soft Parade, No Need To Be Downhearted. Band member Thomas White has now returned with his latest solo album, which is titled I Dream Of Black. This one totally snuck up on us, as it is already available digitally over at iTunes. We got a peek at the album by snagging a MP3 of the track "The Runaround," which we can offer you below. It is yet another cool piece of indie pop from Thomas White, and we can't wait to hear the rest of the album.

MP3 Download - "The Runaround"

I Dream Of Black
01. "Is It Wrong To Lose Faith In The Person You Used To Love?"
02. "The Runaround"
03. "Starry Nite #2"
04. "The Silence Stops Tonight"
05. "I Dream Of Black"
06. "This Is Just A Litle Interlude..."
07. "Starry Nite #3"
08. "Will The Moon Ever Rise Again?"
09. "White Wave"
10. "Wartime Love / Solar Collapse"

Thomas White

Download - Thomas White "The Runaround"