FADER TV: On The Road With Miles Benjamin Anthony Robinson, Part II

It’s a long road to travel when you’re in a tour van with venetian blinds, a television looping The Last Waltz, and a guy with four names pissing into a milk jug next to you, but that’s the price FADER contributer David Bevan paid for THE ART OF DOCUMENTARY FILM. For five nights, Bevan weathered full blast air conditioning, fast food, and many, many beers.

Welcome back to the second episode of a very special FADER TV presentation. If you’ve been holding your breath since the cliffhanger ending last night when Miles Benjamin Anthony Robinson told his bandmate he needed to go to fat camp, then you’re in store for a lot more salacious internet television drama. We don’t want to ruin it, but let us just hint that there are head massages involved. This chapter finds Miles in the trenches of one of the most bizarre tourist attractions on the Vegas strip. And there are two performances to watch this time — one featuring Miles at Beauty Bar and another featuring a large man, with nimble hands and a gray mullet playing alto sax.

Watch: On The Road With Miles Benjamin Anthony Robinson, Part I

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