Exclusive Download - Bears "Since I Met You"

I have to admit, I'm very partial to the Bears. So when their newest effort Simple Machinery arrived on my desk I quickly called up their publicist and asked if I could post one of the songs. The pop group from Cleveland spearheaded by the songwriting tandem of Charlie McArthur and Craig Ramsey (not the former Hockey Player) has once again created a record full of two-minute twee pop gems.

"Since I Met You" is a signature Bears track. Rife with airy pop melodies and layered harmonies, your head wants you to think it's a blissful song when in actuality it's a tug-at-your-heartstrings break up song. You almost want to avoid hearing McArthur sing lines like "Can you do anything / To keep from making me mad / 'Cause it's bad" or "I've got another girl that I've been talking to / And she's been listening to me / Do you see where I'm going?" because that would mean it's not the happy-go-lucky song the music would lend you to believe. This example of weaving deep lyrics into the frame of an indelibly catchy pop song is one of the many reasons why McArthur and Ramsey are some of pop music's best new songwriters. And who doesn't love a band that self produces and releases their own records (save for a few vinyl releases)?

As an added point of interest Simple Machinery was mastered by Josh Bonati, one of the drummers in Aa (Big A, little a). Arguably one of the Bears lushest tracks, with distortion over the intro vocals and a pseudo string arrangement, it's refreshing to see them use these effects without losing the simple charm. You can download "Since I Met You" below, I dare you not to get it stuck in your head.

MP3 Download - "Since I Met You"


Exclusive Download - Bears "Since I Met You"