Video - Fujiya & Miyagi "Knickerbocker"

The Tripwire crew has been a huge fan of Fujiya & Miyagi ever since we got our hands on their dancetastic US debut, Transparent Things. For 2008 they have upgraded to a four-piece, and will be releasing their brilliant sophomore album, Lightbulbs, on September 16 via Deaf Dumb + Blind. So with one month to go until the disc hits shops, the band has decided to unleash the video for their single "Knickerbocker" onto the interwebs, and it simply rules. The cheeky literal visual interpretations of the lyrics will most definitely make you crave a knickerbocker glory, which thanks to this clip we now know is a popular British ice cream sundae.

Don't forget, the band is coming to the US in October. Peep the dates here.

Fujiya & Miyagi

Video - Fujiya & Miyagi "Knickerbocker"