The Tripwire Podcast 039

00:00:02    Karoshi Bros "Love The World" (We Are Woodville)
00:03:43    Pink Skull "Unicorn Harpoon" (Free News Projects)
00:08:38    Tricky "Council Estate" (Domino)
00:11:09    The Young Punx "You've Got To [Norman Cook remix]" (Mofo HiFi/Ultra)
00:16:02    Sonny J "Handsfree (If You Hold My Hand)" (Positiva/Astralwerks)
00:19:31    Ant Neely "Scratch Redux" (self-release)
00:22:45    Esthero "Heaven Sent" (Work)
00:27:14    Jeff Hanson "If Only I Knew" (Kill Rock Stars)
00:30:42    David Byrne & Brian Eno "Strange Overtones" (self-release)
00:34:53    Starfucker "Rawnald Gregory Erickson The Second" (Badman)
00:37:41    Chairlift "Evident Utensil" (Kanine)
00:40:26    Tobacco "Truck Sweat" (Anticon)
00:43:12    Oasis "Falling Down" [Chemical Brothers remix] (white label)
00:47:36    break one
01:04:13    fun "Benson Hedges" (self-release)
01:08:13    The Sweet Serenades "I Can Never Die" (Leon)
01:12:21    The King Blues "Let's Hang The Landlord" (Field/Universal)
01:15:56    Fields. "Are You Ready Yet" (Atlantic UK)
01:19:47    The Yolks "I Do What I Do" (unsigned)
01:22:22    Green "Not Going Down (Anymore)" (self-release)
01:24:33    Vivian Girls "Such A Joke" (In The Red)
01:26:05    Crystal Stilts "Departure" (Slumberland)
01:30:29    Trouble Andrew [feat. Santogold] "Bang Bang" (unsigned)
01:32:53    Brendan Canning "Hit The Wall" (Arts&Crafts)
01:37:27    Red Light Company "With Lights Out" (La Volta)
01:41:28    The Standard "Sunday Eyes" (Partisan)
01:44:32    Darker My Love "Blue Day" (Dangerbird)
01:48:32    Colourmusic "Put In A Little Gas" (Great Society)
01:52:27    break two
01:59:00    Caesars "Boo Boo Goo Goo" (Astralwerks)
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The Tripwire Podcast 039