Video - Tim Williams "Tape Your Head"

Our good buddy Tim Williams has just released the video for "Tape Your Head," one of our favorite cuts off his When Work Is Done album. The entire clip was shot in Detroit, filmed by the production crew Hott Garbage. It turns out that the end results were not quite what they had in mind, but some foul weather caused them to change things up at the last minute.

About the quick changes to the video treatment, the directors said: "On the days allocated for the exterior-heavy original treatment, the weather was less than cooperative. The skies opened up in a heavy hail storm which threatened to destroy our camera gear. But this proved to be a blessing in disguise as it ripped us from the remote locations originally supposed, and thrust us into the heart of a bustling Detroit, Michigan where Tim was truly showcased as a distinct voice amongst the faceless masses and sprawling metropolitan landscapes."

Rather than subject you to a crappy compressed YouTube stream of the video, click over to the Dovecote Records website and watch "Tape Your Head" bright and clear. Enjoy!

Video - "Tape Your Head"

Tim Williams

Video - Tim Williams "Tape Your Head"