Coldplay Vs. Simon Pegg

Of all the weird feuds in the entertainment biz, this is definitely an odd one. Apparently the UK actor Simon Pegg, who we know and love from his work in Shaun Of The Dead, Hot Fuzz and the sitcom Spaced (which is finally available in the US on DVD), has been blowing off calls from his former friends, Coldplay.

The British radio station XFM has had Coldplay on-air for a residency of sorts, and attempted to call Pegg while they were on the air. Chris Martin, Guy Berryman and Johnny Buckland's calls were left unanswered, being forced to leave the following message: "Simon! It's Chris and Guy And Johnny. We're on radio again and there's no answer. We're looking stupid on radio. I thought we were friends"

According to the news story on XFM's website, this isn't the first time Pegg dodged their calls. Is their friendship on the rocks? Who cares, as Pegg still rules.

Simon Pegg

Coldplay Vs. Simon Pegg