Exclusive - An Albatross Release Details Of The An Albatross Family Album

Aptly named The An Albatross Family Album, the band's second official full-length -- not including the Eat Lightning, Shit Thunder and We Are The Lazer Viking EPs (2001 Bloodlink, 2003 Ace Fu respectively), and their split 7" w/ XBXRX on the now defunct GSL imprint released in 2004 -- will finally see the light of day October 21st on Eyeball Records. Along with the street date, the psych-metal pioneers have also released the official artwork and tracklisting as well as supporting US and European tourdates.

Cover Artwork For The An Albatross Family Album
Tracklist For The An Albatross Family Album
01. Neon Guru
02. ...And Now Emerges The Silver Pilgrim
03. The Hymn of the Angel People
04. The Psychonaut & The Rustbelt
05. Starving on Rabbit Meat
06. A Convivial Feast of the Peace Beast
07. Floodgates Released
08. The Electric Proletariat Rides A Velvet Chariot
09. 3,000 Light Years By Way of the Spacehawk

From The Press Release
Recorded over 3 sessions from February of 2008 through July of 2008, the album features nine tracks loosely based on a story of desert-dwelling pilgrims who voyage into the cosmos & return with blueprints for human peace and harmony. The album's narration depicts a world gone absolutely tumult and the resolution of undying love conquering in the end.

An Albatross has spent well over 300 hours of studio time between Daniel Schlett's Hypersnakes Studio in South Amboy, NJ, and Matt Boynton's Vacation Island Studios (Butthole Surfers, Lemonheads) laboring with upwards to 13 musicians over lush string, horn, and woodwind arrangements. The design of the album is a proper reference to the golden age of the Psychedelic/Progressive rock era whilst retaining a heavy modern-production "feel" retaining the groups sound while branching out in new sonic directions.

Currently, a rough-mixed version of their single "...And Now Emerges The Silver Pilgrim" can be heard at the band's MySpace page.

An Albatross Tourdates
08.22.08 - Philadelphia, PA (Johnny Brenda's)*
08.23.08 - New York, NY (Knitting Factory Main Space)*
09.26.08 - Brooklyn, NY (Death By Audio)
09.27.08 - Providence, RI (The Living Room)
09.28.08 - Danbury, CT (Heirloom Arts)
09.29.08 - Northampton, MA (Elevens)
09.30.08 - Medford, MA (Oxfam Midnight Cafe - Tufts University)
10.01.08 - Burlington, VT (The 5th Element)
10.02.08 - Quebec City, QC. (L'Agitée)
10.03.08 - Montreal, QC. (Divan Orange POP Weird Punk Series!)
10.04.08 - Toronto, ON (Sneaky Dee's)
10.09.08 - Grand Rapids, MI (DAAC)
10.10.08 - Bloomington, IN (Cinemat)
10.11.08 - Milwaukee, WI (Borg Ward)
10.15.08 - Cincinnati, OH (Gypsy Hut)
10.16.08 - Bowling Green, OH (Howard's)^
10.17.08 - Chicago, IL (Abbey Pub)^
10.18.08 - Lansing, MI (Mac's Bar)^
10.20.08 - Pittsburgh, PA (Mister Roboto Project)
10.22.08 - Wilkes Barre, PA (Cafe Metropolis)^
10.23.08 - Baltimore, MD (Sonar)#
10.24.08 - New York City, NY (Knitting Factory - Official CMJ Showcase)
10.25.08 - Brooklyn, NY (Market Hotel)
10.31.08 - Folkestone, UK (Leas Cliff Hall)
11.01.08 - London, UK (Old Blue Last)
11.02.08 - London, UK (Mean Fiddler)
11.03.08 - London, UK (Mean Fiddler)
11.04.08 - London, UK (Mean Fiddler)
11.06.08 - St Ouen-Paris, France (Mains d'Oeuvres)#
11.07.08 - Orleans, France (TBC)#
11.08.08 - Poligny, France (Moulin de Brainans)#
11.09.08 - Wiesbaden, Germany (Schlachthof)#
11.10.08 - Vienna, Austria (Arena)#
11.11.08 - Dresden, Germany (AZ Conni)#
11.12.08 - Nurnberg, Germany (K4)#
11.13.08 - Esslingen, Germany (Koma)#
11.14.08 - SWITZ - (TBC)#
11.15.08 - Neuchatel, Switzerland (Case à Chocs)#
11.16.08 - SWITZ (TBC)#
11.17.08 - Berlin, Germany (TBC)#
11.18.08 - Prague, Czech Republic (007)#
11.20.08 - Munster, Germany (Gleiss 22)#
11.21.08 - Dortmund, Germany (FZW)#
11.22.08 - Antwerp, Belgium (Scheldapen)#

* w/ Don Caballero
^ w/ DMBQ
# w/ Yip Yip

An Albatross
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Exclusive - An Albatross Release Details Of The An Albatross Family Album