Pre-Order Bloc Party's New Album

Now that you know you shouldn't taunt the monkeys at the zoo, you can officially pre-order the digital version of Bloc Party's new album, Intimacy, online today via the band's website. If you purchase it now, it will be delivered on August 21. However, if you're the collectible type, you can pick up the physical version on October 28. Of course, the digital and hard copy will contain different tracks (if you hold out for October you will be given a code to redeem online for the bonus songs).

Intimacy was co-produced by Paul Epworth (Silent Alarm) and Jacknife Lee (A Weekend In The City), and mixed by Alan Moulder. The guys promise to come back to the States for more shows later this year, but until then peep the track listing for the new release.

01. "Ares"
02. "Mercury"
03. "Halo"
04. "Biko"
05. "Trojan Horse"
06. "Signs"
07. "One Month Off"
08. "Zephyrus"
09. "Better Than Heaven"
10. "Ion Square"

Bloc Party

Pre-Order Bloc Party's New Album