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Video: YACHT, "Summer Song"

It's officially official: FADER faves YACHT, aka the electro twerky dude and dudette most likely to jump on your couch during a live performance, have teamed up with DFA for this interminable new disco single featuring cowbell, handclaps, and a fairly bananas electronic drum fill that lasts about thirty-two and a half seconds. Furthermore, the video includes wily dancing, paint and a special surprise ending. It is also a subtle topography of YACHT's hometown of Portland, OR. Shot, we believe, in the infamous Oak Street Warehouse, where Jona Bechtolt once lived, it features Marriage Records' president Curtis Knapp (as the teary eyed executive) and K. Mikey Merrill (as the moustachio'd pitcher), a Portland business luminary who created the community Urban Honking and um, hosts a certain FADER executive editor's personal blog. No, Claire YACHT did not borrow our jumpsuit for costuming, but if we ever see her in the street we are going to ask her if we can borrow-slash-have it. Additionally, Jona looks remarkably like "Naive Melody"-era David Byrne. This video encompasses everything we love about YACHT's music: endless energy, unremitting rhythms, subtle quirky humor, unintelligible lyrics (jk!), shouting and, of course, antics.

Video: YACHT, "Summer Song"