Cassettes Won't Listen Plans Another Release

Jason Drake, AKA Cassettes Won't Listen, has been a busy dude. He released a mixtape download and a full-length album earlier this year. Now, the one man show is going to put out the "Freeze and Explode" single on September 9 that will also host two brand new tracks with remixes by Maker and J Vegus. You can hear some samples over at the artist's website.

This will be sure to hold fans over until the next full release, which Drake is currently working on now.

"Freeze & Explode"
01. "Freeze & Explode"
02. "Another One"
03. "The Last Parachute In Sight"
04. "Freeze & Explode (J Vegus Remix)"
05. "Freeze & Explode (Maker Remix)"
06. "Freeze & Explode (Instrumental)"

Cassettes Won't Listen

Cassettes Won't Listen Plans Another Release