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Freeload: CNN "Follow The Dollar" (Produced by Alchemist)

This song from the new Capone N Noreaga album is cool and all — a creep-ed out, sinewy album cut featuring the same Full Metal Jacket soundbite made famous by 2 Live Crew (and MIA) — but on a brighter note, can we take this moment to talk about how N-O and Alchemist are straight-up WINNING AT THE INTERNET right now? Between the MySpace gallery devoted to his Newport box chain, his great YouTube channel and his shirtless marketing plan, the mayor of Lefrak has been engaging and entertaining his constituents like never before. Meanwhile, Alc has gone and launched his own blog, a charmingly homemade (check the 1997 brick background GIF!) journal that eschews shameless self-promotion and pictures of recent luxury purchases for a diary approach that's funny, self-deprecating, and refreshingly human. Check the pic of his elementary school rap group! FAT NORE + TINY ALCHEMIST = WEB GOLD.

Download: CNN, "Follow The Dollar"

Freeload: CNN "Follow The Dollar" (Produced by Alchemist)